The jeweler of Verona and his publications




Marco Borghesi is the Veronese jeweler. With his unique hand-crafted pieces he has succeeded in making his name known worldwide, regularly taking part is exhibitions, trade fairs and industry shows in Europe and the USA.
Marco Borghesi began working in 1983 in a small workshop in via Paolo Sarpi in Verona. In the same year restructuring work began at his gallery near the very central "Piazza delle Erbe" where he can still be found today. Some recent shows: NYC SOFA, the "MIES" gallery in Modena and "Contemporary Italian jewelery - technique and materials between art and design", which took place in Vicenza, Milano, Berlin and  Turin. [Read the whole biography].



Dear Marco, I wore your wonderful 'neckpiece' for the craftshow, sponsored by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, when we judged the GLASS ART. I also wore my necklace to a dinner in our home, which honored the world renoumed glass artist Dale Chihuly (see article inside the National Liberty Museum newspaper). This event was for artists and collectors all over the world and I was proud to wear the art by Borghesi. I hope we will meet again some time, perhaps in the USA....
Suzanne Cohn, Judge and art Collector.


In this shop you'll find a selection of creations in the unmistakable style of Marco Borghesi. In the Gallery in vicolo Corticella S. Marco 13, you will find a large selection of jewelery and also the possibility to transform your own ideas into bespoke pieces through the originality and creativity of the artist.  Navigate the site or visit the gallery to meet Marco in person.