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Aeneas and Didone

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Technique: texture
Materials: Sterling Silver, DIF 0,07 carats Diamonds 
Dimension: length 2" 
Notes: detachable earrings with follow pendants


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Black silver, leaden, large. A shield to defend oneself or simply an accessory to the non-colour uniform we wear every day? For feminine charm add some small, luminous diamonds and even a flash of red from the finest Mediterranean coral (always a winning combination, see the Chinese lacquered boxes or Art Deco jewelery) and you will have a winning mix of elegance and wearability. Produced using welding and the technique of printing with liver of sulphur. As if this wasn't enough, you can easily change the pendent stone as the mood takes you. Wearing them you will discover a refinement in the planning: the diamonds are oriented so as to not be seen from the side, only from the front!



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