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Technique: Cuttlebone casting 
Materials: Sterling Silver, 0,14 carats Diamonds

Dimension: the ring is open at the back, size on order. See the table measures







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"Cuttlebone" casting tecnique

In Baden- Württemberg, Germany, two belt buckles dating from the VI or VII century have been found, showing on the back the distinctive marks left by the cuttlebone. In the shopping lists of goldsmiths' workshops in Florence and Venice, at the beginning of the Renaissance, sums were reserved to the purchase of cuttlefish bones.
It is traditionally a method which gold and silversmiths use when other techniques are either slow or in some other way inadequate. Usually work cast in this manner is highly refined and the characteristic texture of the cuttlebone removed or avoided in the casting process.
First, two pieces of cuttlebone are flattened by rubbing them against each other or using sandpaper. Patterns can be created by carving directly into the bone, or by forming an impression with durable materials. Channels are carved for pouring the molten metal in and to allow air to escape. The two halves are then wired together and the molten metal poured in. A mold can only be used once. So, you is possible to obtain an absolutely one of a kind!


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