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Technique: Granulation and texture

Materials: 18k Gold, 0, 24 DIF diamonds, Tahiti black pearl 
Dimension: length L 2" 



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SOFA CHICAGO, November 1 - 4,       2012

Aaron Faber Gallery  cured an exhibition for New York and SOFA Chicago 2012 focused on the delightful but unexpected popularity over the century of copper-alloyed rose gold.  It isn’t used like white gold as a substitute for platinum, and it isn’t naturally yellow, like its more prominent yellow gold sibling. It appears in 1920 in Cartier’s three-color rolling rings, disappears quickly in the Art Deco period, surfaces in a major way in the 1940’s and 1950’s for the Retro-Modern period, disappears again and comes back in the 1990’s and current period in both studio jewelry and mainstream jewelry.  I was invited  to participate in this group exhibition with my own take on this noble, colorful precious metal, and its idiosyncratic and enduring hold on jewelry aficionados.

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